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Sermon Archive

We Become Believers

As we look at 1 John 5 v 1-5 we look at how faith and love are essential ingredients in the life of a disciple of Jesus. Nathan looks at how faith and love lead to loyalty to the King, how loyalty leads to obedience, and how ultimately faith, love, and loyalty lead to victory […]

We Become Truth-Obsessed

We come to 1 John 2:15-27, and look at how the distinction between the World and the Kingdom is very real. John encourages this fragile church in Ephesus to resist those who try to replace Jesus with anything else, but instead passionately encourages children of the Kingdom to pursue truth and therefore to pursue Jesus! […]

We Become Family

As we continue our study in 1 John, we look at 1 John 2:7-11 and explore how authentic disciples follow the ancient command to ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’ and how this ancient rhythm of life is seen at its fullest in the life and death of Jesus. We look at how this […]

We Become Authentic

1 John 2:1-6 describes how forgiveness is a central and vital part of discipleship, but that it also creates an expectancy of obedience. True disciples show that they ‘know’ Jesus by realising that expectation in lives that are radically transformed, lives that echo the way Jesus lived. The Kingdom has no use for Disciples who […]

We become Story-tellers

We begin to tap into our new series ‘BECOME’, diving into the vibrancy of 1 John. In this introduction Pastor Nate looks at how Jesus is central to the story of the universe, from the creation of all things to the future redemption of the earth. This story also includes us, our broken vulnerability and […]