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Friday Club

The Friday Night Youth Club is a community-based club providing young people with a safe, caring environment in which to meet others, socialize and build relationships within a framework of supervision and based on Christian principles. It is run in association with the Presbyterian Church as part of its outreach program.

This club caters for those in fourth class (about 10 years old) and up.


  • To provide a safe environment for young people to meet
  • To provide fun activities for young people
  • To help young people in building healthy relationships and in learning to accept others’ differences
  • To introduce young people to basic Christian principles and to Jesus Christ


  • To meet once a week during term times
  • To provide a varied schedule of activities, promoting team-building, as well as aiding development in all areas of growth (social, intellectual, physical and spiritual)
  • To promote a sense of belonging and respect for others
  • To encourage each individual to work together, and to accept personal responsibility
  • To encourage the building of values and beliefs based on the Bible
  • To introduce young people to Jesus Christ and the importance of following Him
  • To provide young people with opportunities to develop their own talents and abilities


  • All who attend club are expected to remain on the premises for the duration of the club activities unless collected early by a parent/guardian.
  • There will be no consumption of alcohol or smoking within the confines of the club premises or during club activities.
  • If there is a serious breach of the Club’s Code of Conduct, then a suspension may follow at which the parents/guardians will be notified in writing by the club.
  • Each member of the club will be expected to agree to and abide by the club code of conduct, which has been compiled with input from both leaders and members.
  • Every Club member must have parental permission to go on trips that are organized by the Leaders. Every form of transport comes with seat belts as guaranteed.
  • The Leaders of the Club meet on a regular basis to plan and evaluate the running of the Club.
  • Volunteers must fill in an application form and must agree to the policies and procedures of the Club. They will be treated in every way as a leader except in policy making.
  • Helpers are those young people in Club who are willing to help with responsibilities such as clean-up, planning activities and general helping out during club. At no time will helpers be left alone in supervision of other young people.
  • The Club operates an open door policy, which means that parents or other members of family may visit and observe child or youth programs at any time so long as their visit does not interfere with club activities.

Core Values Of The Friday Night Youth Club

  • The Friday Night Youth Club provides opportunities with and for young people to develop themselves spiritually, emotionally, physically and socially.
  • The Friday Night Youth Club strives to promote the welfare of young people, including those who are disadvantaged, by identifying their needs, promoting developmental programmes with them, as well as providing opportunities for out-of-school activities, personal development and constructive use of leisure time.
  • The Friday Night Youth Club Youth is committed to encouraging young people to participate in other local activities, and endeavours to offer support and experiences where it is best suited.
  • The Friday Night Youth Club actively promotes equality of opportunity, participation and involvement, and everyone iis encouraged to participate in its activities.
  • The Friday Night Youth Club is based primarily on the voluntary involvement of adults as voluntary youth workers and is set in a community context.
  • The Friday Night Youth Club is supported by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and is committed to following its mission of building vibrant communities for Christ.
  • The Friday Night Youth Club endeavours to provide structures whereby young people participate in decision making, planning, organising and evaluation, with possible opportunities being made to be helpers, volunteers or leaders.

When and Where do we meet?

Each Friday Evening
7.00pm- 9.00pm, those in Secondary school stay until 10:30pm

Meet at the church

Key people and contact details:

Philip Whelton

All adult leaders meet the requirements of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s Child Protection Policy.